Richard Keenan, PhD Project Leader

Tim Pelura, PhD, CEO
Dr. Pelura is a serial life science entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries and has been pivotal in the development of several new drugs and devices spanning numerous therapeutic areas.

Dr. Pelura has enjoyed a long history of growing early/idea stage life science companies through various financing strategies to well-capitalized, successful companies.  His previous positions include CEO of Surpass, Inc., a preclinical CRO; Chairman, President & CEO of Immunome, an antibody platform company; CEO of Promedior, a product-focused biotech company developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of fibrotic disorders and diseases; Chief Scientific Officer for Kereos, a biopharma company focusing on oncology, cardiology, and molecular imaging; President and COO of Provasis Therapeutics, a developer of interventional neurosurgical devices; executive R&D positions at Neuron Therapeutics and Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp; and various positions at Pharmacia, a pharmaceutical and biotech company.   

Dr. Pelura is also pivotally involved in several non-profit, regional and national life science initiatives and holds a PhD in chemistry from Rutgers University.

Richard Keenan, Project Director
Richard Keenan, Ph.D., has over 20 years of experience in medicinal chemistry research, contributing directly to the discovery of numerous clinical development compounds from a variety of therapeutic areas, including two marketed drugs: the angiotensin receptor blocker Teveten and the thrombopoietin receptor agonist Promacta. At GlaxoSmithKline, he served as VP of Drug Discovery and was one of the founding members of the Center of Excellence for External Drug Discovery (CEEDD).